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Urine Therapy is Ancient Yoga Practice

“Urine Therapy” is the ancient method of treatment.The Powerful practice for healing
“SELF-URINE THERAPY” has been referred in “SHIVAMBU KALPA VIDHI” part of 5000 years
old document called DAMAR TANTRA linking this practice to VEDAS the sacred Hindu texts.

Reference of Urine Therapy is also found in almost all the volume of AYURVEDA.

It is also the ancient method of YOGA practice. In TANTRIK Yoga culture this practice is termed as “AMROLI.” AMROLI comes from the root word “AMAR.”

In Ancient Books and VEDAS Urine is referred as “SHIVAMBU” (Auto Urine) meaning Water of SHIVA. They termed “SHIVAMBU” as Holy Liquid. According to them Urine is more nutritious than milk.

“Urine Therapy” is the ancient method of treatment which is very effective healing modality and most powerful Natural Therapy.

It is the Most Effective Natural Remedy and the safest method of treatment.It does not have any side effects. It can Prevent, Control and Cure all kinds of chronic diseases.It is an entirely drugless effective system of Healing all kinds of Chronic Diseases and maintaining good health.

God has given us this precious Gift (Urine) right from our very birth. In the ancient method “Urine Therapy” was practiced in the traditional method. The technique of treatment was very difficult for most of the people to adopt and achieve its benefits.

I have studied, investigated and researched. The proper Method and Technique to achieve the Maximum Benefits from Urine Therapy which can be followed by every-one including young children suffering from Cerebral Palsy from the very birth. It can be adopted and practiced at home in a very easy method.

Date- 20-02-2012
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